The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter— Izaak Walto.

Kevin Meek is a poet. 

Noel C. Neal is a novelist.

Neither one of us has published a single word, but on 5/20/19, we made the conscious decision to be Writers. Follow us as we take our journeys from displaced and undisciplined passengers immersed in everyday toils into self-aware participants and protagonists — or at least that’s the goal!

Why read on? This blog follows two raw, unpublished writers as we struggle to find our own voices and the discipline to publish for the first time. Each week we will showcase our naked writing and the steps we take, the obstacles we face, and the criticisms we hear along our journey to publication. We will provide an update on our progress, a glimpse into our very different processes, and advice for other “would-be” poets and fiction writers.

Join us on our journey, possibly learn something along the way, or just hone your sardonic skills making fun of us as we attempt to create art…and hopefully make a living at the same time.

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