What is this blog all about?

Kevin Meek is a poet. 

Noel C. Neal is a novelist.

Neither one of us has published a single word, but on 5/20/19, we made the conscious decision to be Writers. Follow us as we take our journeys from displaced and undisciplined passengers immersed in everyday toils into self-aware participants and protagonists — in other words, watch us try to forge a livelihood out of writing poetry and fiction without a clue about what we are doing! It should be fun, entertaining, frustrating and hopefully it helps other new writers facing this daunting and intimidating task!

Blog Details:

Description: This blog follows two raw, unpublished writers as we struggle to find our own voices and the discipline to publish for the first time. 

What can you expect to read each week?

  1. Reviews: We will select a website, blog, article or book providing concrete advice for new poets or fiction writers, and we will attempt to follow that advice and then provide the results and a review.
  2. Poetry and Fiction: We will showcase our naked writing for public scrutiny, discuss what we were trying to do with these writing samples, and modify and revise them.  
  3. Updates: We will select publications or contests to submit our writing and discuss the progress towards publication, the responses from publishers and our very next steps.
  4.  Insights: Meek or a guest poet will write a completely biased, uninformed, unique and hopefully humorous take on everyday events; and then struggle to work these takes into poems.
  5. Idiocracy: –Neal or a guest author will write a story showcasing that author’s absurdities, oddities or idiocy in an attempt to reveal something about the human condition or just to make us laugh; and then struggle to work these moments of idiocy into a story or novel.
  6. Anomalies:quotes, images, pieces of dialogue, pictures, song lyrics…pretty much anything that really stuck with us from the past week without any real explanation or dialogue

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